Baaghi -2 has just released in cinemas all over India. And a huge number of young audience is excited to watch this movie. Tiger Shroff has played an amazing role by all those action packed scenes but one who truly steals the scene is Disha Patani. Yes, the national crush of India. I hope Indian government will make changes in national symbols of India to include Disha Patani as national crush.

Disha Patani hot maxim photoshoot

It’s not just boys who admire her for alluring and enchanting beauty, but heart beat of girls also skip a beat when they see her. Her introductory scene in Kung fu yoga where was was wearing a red dress was a jealous moment for all girls sitting with their boyfriends in front of screen.

disha patni red hot dress in kung fu yoga

With the release of Baaghi – 2, Disha has once again set the screens on fire with her tempting looks and curvy body. Disha Patani who has started her career from Telugu film Loafer┬áin 2015 has now come a long way in Bollywood after release of several good movies of her.

Disha Patni sexy and hot look

In Baaghi 2, she has proved once again that she deserves to be appreciated not just for her beauty but also for her splendid acting and on screen performance. She is one of the very few actor in Bollywood who can look really good in almost any type of dresses. Be it pure Indian wear like saree or in pure western looks like bikini, she really knows how to stay confident and present herself.

disha patni in desi hot kurti

Belonging from a small town in Uttar Pradesh, Disha has played an impeccable role in setting an example for a large crowd of India who do not believe in letting their daughters go into this industry. Disha Patani has proved that you don’t necessarily need to show your body to grasp attention. Sometimes, simplicity and elegance a long way forward in proving your ground to people all over the world. Just like in her image below, a simple elegant kurti is making her look so gorgeous in it.

Disha patni wearing kurti beautiful

And the biggest plus point of Disha is her versatility in wearing wide variety of clothing but still looking perfect. Like in a recent Maxim shoot, she was spotted wearing black bikini. Seeing those images, you can’t agree to the fact that the lady that you are seeing in image above is the same that you are seeing in this bikini. In bikini, she is looking so perfect, which makes us believe that this girl is born to wear only bikini. Those images are so breath-taking that I just can’t stop myself from sharing with you.

Disha Patani in Maldives wearing a black bikini

Disha patni looking hot in black bikini

Disha Patani posing for a Maxim shoot in bikini (1)

Dish patni sexy hot in black bra

Disha Patani posing for a Maxim shoot in bikini (2)

Disha Patni hot bikini shoot

Disha Patani in maldives in blue bikini

Disha patni sexy hot look in blue bikini

In recent times, she doesn’t miss out to flaunt her sheer elegant and bold features. Just some time back she was spotted in an awards event wearing a very sexy black dress which was purposefully exposing her features in a best possible way a man can expect.

Disha patani hot cleavage show at filmfare 2017

Coming from a small town and background, she has become a true crush for thousands of young hearts. And as per a recent survey is to be believed, girls too admire her a lot, the way she pull her together in every moment and dress is something to be truly inspired off.


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