10 latest and unseen hot pics of Ayesha Takia in 2017


Ever since her debut in movie Taarzan: The Wonder Car, Ayesha Takia has been on the mouth of every young or old man. Her acting skills were never close to excellent actress like Kajol, Hema malini etc. But she has got something which pumps up the blood of every man, and we all better know what it is 😉

In between 2004 – 2011 she acted in multiple movies, and almost all of her movies were well received by the male crowd, primarily because of her cute looks, chubby body, and other astonishing features. But soon after her marriage with Farhan Azmi, she was barely found in limelight again.

And just like you we were also desperately finding her just to get a glimpse of how gorgeous this lady looks now. Below you will find some of her latest looks in fall of 2017.

  1. Just before having a delicious meal, Ayesha Takia thought of clicking a selfie.
Ayesha Takia Hot Selfie
Ayesha Takia Selfie in Restaurent

2. Ayesha candid pose while getting prepared for a ethnic wear shoot

Ayesha takia getting ready for shoot in hot suit
Ayesha Takia Getting Ready for Shoot

3. Beautiful Ayesha Takia posing for a magazine (Part – 1)

Ayesha Takia Hot figure Shoot Pose
Ayesha Takia Posing for a shoot

4. Beautiful Ayesha Takia posing for a magazine (Part – 2)

Ayesha Takia Hot Figure Magazine shoot
Ayesha Takia Magazine Shoot – 2

5. Beautiful Ayesha Takia posing for a magazine (Part – 2)

Ayesha Takia Hot Look for magazine shoot
Ayesha Takia Posing for Magazine Shoot – 3

6. Ayesha Takia posing for a quick click before getting onboard for a cruise ride

Hot Ayesha Takia going on cruise
Mandatory Selfie before going on cruise

7. Ayesha Takia playing game in a Mall

Hot ayesha takia playing game
Ayesha Takia seen playing game in a mall

8. Ayesha Takia seen in a Mall, and the moment she saw camera she posed candidly

Ayesha takia hot figure posing in mall

Ayesha takia hot posing in mall - 2








9. Ayesha Takia spotted on airport, while she was going from Delhi to Mumbai

Hot Ayesha Takia Spotted on Airport - 1

Hot Ayesha takia spotted on airport








10. Last but not the least, the most beautiful candid photograph of Ayesha Takia in a restaurant while she was waiting for her lunch

Candid Pose of Hot Ayesha Takia
Candid Ayesha waiting for her lunch

Here comes the end of good times. Don’t worry we will bring you new collection of Ayesha Takia soon. We all know it’s quite hard to get a glimpse of her, as she is quite busy with her own personal life. Taking care of a son, husband and a complete family along with her commitment in wildlife protection. We will always pray for her health and will support her in her nobel activities.


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