Is Ayesha Takia dead?

Ayesha takia with husband farhan latest

There is much chatter happening over social media about death news of Ayesha Takia. It was certainly a shocker for me to hear such news, I could not see any reason for Ayesha Takia’s death. She was not suffering from any critical illness nor there was any profound motivation for anyone to get her killed. Although, no major print or digital news media presented this news, but I suspect there must be some reason why people are becoming skeptical over death news of Ayesha Takia.

Lovely Ayesha Takia posing for a photoshoot in 2019
Ayesha Takia latest photoshoot in 2019

To get a clear picture, I delved bit deeper to find out truth behind all these news. First place where you could get a clear answer is to check social media of her, if she is active there and posting her day to day activites then certainly there is no point in suspecting about Ayesha Takia death. I checked her instagram and twitter account and found out that her instagram account has gone off the grid and even her twitter account was last active on 15th March 2019, no activity after that. This has created suspicion in my mind also now.

Sexy Ayesha Takia posing with her husband in 2019
Ayesha Takia with husband Farhan Azmi

After further researching, I found that off lately, Ayesha Takia’s husband Farhan Azmi has claimed that she is getting death threats and he has approached even police regarding that. Farhan has posted a series of tweets tagging Mumbai police explaining this issue. He tweeted:

My wife @Ayeshatakia , mother & sisters are being harassed,threatened stalked by a litigant, @MumbaiPolice #dcpDahiya refusing to answer my calls or messages. #DahiyaIPS has illegally frozen our bank accounts Dear PM @narendramodi ji @SushmaSwaraj Pls intervene!! #betibachao— Farhan Azmi (@abufarhanazmi) July 3, 2018

When approached by a news channel, he explained that some person has got Ayesha’s mobile number. He has been stalking her from quite a while and when he asked Ayesha to meet him and she refused, he started giving her death threats. When she blocked him over call, he started sending messages over SMS and whatsapp. Farhan also accused a senior Mumbai police officer who did not paid attention to his complaint, and it forced him to raised this issue on twitter tagging PM Narendra Modi and MEA minister Sushma Swaraj.

But I was not able to get any further update over this issue. Question still stays, is Ayesha Takia safe? Are all Ayesha Takia death news fake? I tried to further explore social media to find any traces of her, and luckily just few hours before writing this post I found few updates shared by Ayesh on twitter, it was a moment of relief for me, and I am sure it is for many of you as well.

Ayesha takia posing in hot tight dress, showing her hot boobs
Ayesha Takia posing for a photoshoot in hot outfit

When stalking goes beyond a point, it not only becomes an obsession but also causes discomfort for the person getting stalked. Such incidents cause many rumors to float around, and not only Ayesha became a victim of such news, people have been found participating in rumors stating Ayesha Takia’s husband death. But eventually we are glad that Ayesha Takia is healthy and perfectly safe. All news related to death of Ayesha Takia and people asking Ayesha Takia’s death date, can get back to their life and should pray for everyone happiness and sound health always.


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